About us

Our focus is on getting your project, development or redevelopment effort to the ‘go’ point. We can advise on acquisition, project feasibility, options for funding, and financing methods for private and non-profit clients. Latitudes will be your partner from idea conception to the point of project completion.

For each client, we adeptly assemble the expertise and approach specific to each project and its context and manage the multi-disciplinary project teams necessary to complete the project. Latitudes has worked on numerous high-profile, budget-responsive and schedule-sensitive projects.

Latitudes has worked with a number of funding sources to achieve a variety of projects. Below is a list of some of the funding sources:

– Stellar Communities
– Tech Parks
– TE Grants
– Riverboat
– Brownfields
– Foundation Grants
– Dino Tax Credits
– In Kind services
– Economic Development Bonds
– Indiana Bond Bank
– State Revolving Funds
– General Obligation Bonds
– Bartering

Latitudes has also played an active role in taking projects through the public approval processes. Below are some of the boards and commissions we have presented to:

– Redevelopment Commission
– Plan Commission
– Board of Works
– Commons Board
– Board of Aviation
– City Utilities Board
– Park Board
– City Council
– Board of Zoning Appeals
– County Council
– County Commissioners

Latitudes has worked with a variety of agencies in the process of seeking project approvals as well as completing projects. Below are some of the agencies we have worked with:

– Plan Department
– Engineering Department
– Risk Management
– Community Development
– Human Resources
– City Services
– City Utilities
– Aviation
– Clerk Treasurer
– Mayor’s Office
– Corps of Engineers
– IT
– Surveyor
– Auditor
– Treasurer
– Fire
– Police
– Economic Development
– Code Enforcement
– Parks